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3D virtual reality company indroduction


A virtual tour saves your time by presenting rooms instead of you. Introductions often require tens of hours every month.
First, click on the solution to start it just like a YouTube video. After that you can use a mouse click or keyboard arrows to walk through the introduction of AVAR 3D company and look 360° around yourself.


3D model
After starting the solution, you can click on the icon with a 3D image located in the corner below, to explore the 3D model of business rooms of the company. It will give you a good overview of the object as a whole.


We will also provide to you a special administrator’s license which will allow you to measure every part of your work room with a mouse click. The 3D model reflects the reality with 99% precision.


Google Street View Indoors


People can step inside your business with one click while searching you on Google. Be there, 24/7 for your customers.
like you would be there
Using a mouse click or keyboard arrows you will be able to move and turn 360° around in the Google Street View solution. Using the arrows displayed on the screen makes movement especially convenient.


Using the menu, you will be able to quickly find the room, department or area that you are interested in. According to the users of the solution, this menu is the most convenient way to understand what the company and its activities are all about.


Using the information buttons, you will be able to provide to your customer or partner not only a visual information, but also important data and numbers regarding your company. The result will be a clear overview of your company and its activities.


Your Benefit



Creates an overview of the rooms, functions and capacities of your company. A virtual tour will conduct a meeting instead of you, resulting in fewer questions.


People will be able to visit you on the web. Upon arrival at the location your guest will feel much more encouraged and confident, and you will leave an impression of a reliable partner.


In the eyes of the Google search engine your website is more valuable if customers spend more time on it.
Airport Google Street View indoors review
Heigo Vare
CEO of Vihula Manor

The virtual tour is an extremely important work tool in our everyday activities.

It gives our guests an opportunity to get familiarized with the Vihula Manor and its possibilities already before arrival!

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In addition to that it saves a lot of time for our sales department, as introduction of different rooms to our customers is extremely easy no matter what needs to be organized in them – a wedding party, a seminar or some other event. The amount of time that our sales team and customers save is great, as meeting at the spot for introduction of the rooms is no longer needed.
Cooperation with Avar Agentuur OÜ has been fantastic and fruitful in all respects.
Viljandi City virtual tour review
Krista Kull
Head of Department in the Viljandi City Government

In order to keep residents and guests of Viljandi interested and further attract their attention the visitviljandi.ee website needed something special that can broaden one’s horizons, a kind of exciting decoy. And a great virtual tour suited this purpose perfectly.

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In order to keep residents and guests of Viljandi interested and further attract their attention the visitviljandi.ee website needed something special that can broaden one’s horizons, a kind of exciting decoy. And a great virtual tour suited this purpose perfectly. When all wishes and an offer meet here in Viljandi, it can only result in a great story. The hard-working and talented young people of our city, and what’s more important, their work and dedication that come straight from the heart, are nothing but a joy for a city official to witness. Their ability to use the photocell to emphasize those very nuances that could mesmerize the locals and guests is just amazing.

Viljandi can be nothing but proud of these people from the digital world, whose eyes always sparkle with excitement, and together with them the city can make truly great things happen.

VMT Factory virtual tour review
Rainer Kütt
CEO of VMT Tehased AS

Our cooperation with Avar Agentuur has been a very positive experience.
After we got in touch with them, their team arrived at the location at the exact time that we arranged, and after they got familiarised with the object the plan for further actions was prepared.


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Everything went exactly according to the plan.

If one asks us what value we have received, we would not manage to name all of the positives.

However, I would definitely mention the following ones:

  1. We can interactively present our production capacities to our customers, and they do not need to travel to the location from a distant place (Finland, Sweden, Norway).
    2.We now have high-quality marketing video and picture materials.
    3.Now we are visible through Google Street View
    4. We can assess the logic of location of equipment using actual views.


Airport Google Street View indoors review
Madis Eesmaa
Brand Manager of Tallinn Airport

The airport has received plenty of offers regarding shooting of Google Street View images.

However, Avar impressed us with their positive attitude, quick thinking, willingness to act and reasonable prices already at the first meeting.


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In fact, it’s been quite a while since we saw such agile methods of work in case of such projects: our Google Maps environment was operating live just one week following submission of the order, and, what’s more important, the quality of the work was good, and all corrections were implemented within mere hours.
We will definitely continue working with Avar in future when we will be adding updated maps as construction works at the airport proceed.

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So… grab a coffee and get in touch with us! There’s nothing to lose, as cooperation with us is risk-free!




A situation where a person does not immediately understand everything about a new solution is absolutely normal. We will be happy to answer questions, and together with you we will figure out which option will suit you best and how we can increase value for you. It is our obligation to help and educate you.


It’s not that we want to boast too much, but so far, we have left no customer dissatisfied. Our mission is to be useful, and our conscience does not allow us to ask for money for anything that does not offer an actual value.


We have a 100% confidence in quality of our work, and we can provide a total satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like the work, you have the right not to pay and to terminate our cooperation.


If you feel that cooperation with us has wasted your time and nerve cells, we will arrange for you an Estonian spa treatment in the ESTONIA Resort hotel.

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About Us

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs once noted that the bicycle turned the human being into the most efficiently moving species, and that a personal computer is “a bicycle for our minds”. And the goal of AVAR is to dedicate its work to making newly adopted technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, serve people as useful tools and increase efficiency of our life.

AVAR’s philosophy

In a fast-changing world the one who follows changes can stay afloat. However, only the one who walks one step ahead of the changes will be the real winner.

Avar Agentuur OÜ has been supported by European Regional Development Fund to develop a VR video production service.