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Tallinn Viimsi SPA

The virtual tour helps to introduce the spa and its possibilities 24/7. The virtual tour gives a better customer experience and creates a competitive advantage, as the customer is offered a transparent and convenient way to get acquainted with the premises and gives a good overview. Especially important for families with children and people who are planning to have a birthday at the spa. Doubles as marketing material on social media. Possibility to add the virtual tour to Google Street View.

City 24

“Real estate tourists” are disappearing. Virtual tours of real estate help to make sales and rental transactions faster and more efficient. The virtual tour saves time, because the people who come on the spot have already got a good overview of the object and their interest is real. Ads with a virtual tour receive more clicks and a higher contact rate. Acts as a marketing material on social media. A broker who uses virtual tours makes significantly more transactions per year.

CityDental - Kuressaare Dental Clinic

The dental clinic, on whose website you can find a virtual tour, offers a safer and more reliable experience for its clients. The parent gets the opportunity to introduce the child to the clinic environment earlier. This makes the child feel safer on the spot and the visit to the dentist is calmer. Adults also calm down when they see a modern and proper clinic. Openness and transparency are particularly important in this area. The info buttons can be used to convey the most important keywords about the clinic’s capabilities. Acts as marketing material on social media. Possibility to add a virtual tour to Google Street View.

Virtual tour of Vihula manor main building

Manors located away from the hustle and bustle of the city will be a much bigger attraction for events if a clear understanding of the logic of the location of the premises and the possibilities of the manor and its surroundings is communicated via the web. Make fewer meetings and increase your customers’ sense of security to hold events outside the city. With the help of a virtual tour, it is possible to spatially present both one building and the entire complex + outdoor conditions. Take a virtual tour with a quote and win a competitive edge. Acts as a marketing material on social media. Possibility to add a virtual tour to Google Street View.

Cube House modular-house virtual tour

In the case of small modular houses and containers, it is difficult to convey the actual size and presence of the rooms with classic photos. A virtual tour is suitable to offer the buyer a faster and safer customer experience. As modular houses and containers are largely exported, the virtual tour provider can be chosen precisely to eliminate the need for a meeting – at the same time, the virtual tour offers the customer enough confidence to make a purchase without physically seeing the product. Acts as a marketing material on social media.

Virtual tour of Tartu City Museum

The virtual tour of the museum also creates additional interest for people who would not otherwise visit the museums. The museum’s virtual tour can be shared and advertised on social media, which provides an overview of the museum’s exhibits. If there is enough interest in what you see, you will also want to visit physically. At the same time a virtual tour can introduce the exhibits for people who are unable to visit otherwise. People who are on the other side of Estonia and who do not have the opportunity to move or are foreigners / Estonians abroad.

Viktoria Restaurant virtual tour

In the virtual tour of the restaurant, it is possible to number the tables with information buttons. In this way, people get a spatial overview of the restaurant tables and can book the table they want. This improves the customer experience and communication. Doubles as marketing material on social media. Possibility to add the virtual tour to Google Street View.

Tehnopol seminar rooms: Saturn

Introducing the seminar rooms with a virtual tour creates an opportunity for the organizer to get a spatial overview of the venue. This creates a competitive advantage, as the organizer is already “walking around your premises”, visualizing your event there. From photos it is often difficult and you need to meet to gain confidence. You can save a lot of time a year on meetings. Doubles as marketing material on social media. Possibility to add the virtual tour to Google Street View.

Print Best printing house tour

For exporting producers, a virtual tour is important to build credibility with potential customers. Transparent display of a proper and modern equipment park and production building also clearly indicates good quality and established standards. Based on the feedback from existing customers, the virtual tour is a daily tool used in the sales work of production companies. At sales meetings, customers can take a tour of the production building without having to travel to Estonia, and this also acts as an initial visual audit.

Mulgi Koda

Event centers, leisure venues, shops and lounges can use virtual tours to showcase their interest. The opportunity to “step in on the spot” via the Internet creates more interest and emotion. Doubles as marketing material on social media. Possibility to add the virtual tour to Google Street View.

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How does the virtual tour help you?


The virtual tour will show off the company, premises, functions and capabilities already online. Which means you will have to answer fewer questions.


People can visit you online as if they were already there. Which increases their trust and confidence in you, since they already know what to expect.


Time spent visiting a website increases by up to 20% with a virtual tour. Which increases the value of the website in the eyes of Google's search engine. The result is more visits and leads.