Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is an opportunity to experience rooms and places as if you are there yourself.

Works on any modern device and as simply as a YouTube video.

Click ▶ and discover!

The Play ▶ function automatically walks you through the entire property and shows the most important views selected by the customer.

If desired, the viewer can take control of the tour with one click.

The 3D view or “dollhouse view” provides an overview of the object as a whole.

The 3D model can be viewed from different sides by holding down the left mouse button or using the arrows on the keyboard. If you click on a specific place in the 3D view, the tour will take you directly there.

Unlike conventional 2D plans, the “floor plan” that accompanies the virtual tour is more visual and can also be used to see interior elements, colors, lights, etc.

You can add tags to the rooms – for example “Bathroom 13m2” or “Large conference room 200m2” to give an even clearer overview.

Info tags are an integral part of a virtual tour, through which additional information can be displayed in the form of text, image or video.

In addition, a link to a website can be inserted in the information tag, which is especially useful if you want to book or buy something with the help of a virtual tour.

From the virtual tour, we can export 8K resolution HDR photo material, which can be used in advertisements, website gallery or social media.

If desired, we can give the client access to the admin panel, where they can choose the appropriate angles and views for exporting the photos.

The measuring function or “virtual measuring tape” gives each user of the virtual tour the opportunity to measure the space and the furniture there with a few mouse clicks.

This is important when buying / renting real estate, you want to know if the personal furniture can fit in the room or for more efficient event planning.

High-end camera for 3D virtual tours

The Matterport Pro2 camera which we use is the gold standard for professional 3D capture. In addition to capturing 360-degree images (134 megapixels), the camera uses lasers to scan the shape and dimensions of the room and its objects.


How the cooperation works?


Consultation, quotation and order confirmation.


We agree on the time of recording and send recommendations for the preparation of the location.


We capture photo and 3D materials (1h / 250 m2). The customer doesn't have to be on site.


Post - processing. Virtual tours up to 300m2 will be completed within 48 hours. Larger up to 1 working week.


Handing over work and help with the set up. Guidelines for best results.